How often is my dog let outside?

All our canine guests get out of their air conditioned kennels twice a day and get to run around in one of our large outdoor exercise areas. Social guests get to play together, while those who prefer to be on their own get their own time. This exercise and attention has lead to a rather unusual situation; dogs want to come to A-V.I.P Pet Resort.

Is the facility air conditioned?

Yes. Our entire facility is air conditioned in the summer allowing all pets to escape the heat during the summer months.

Is the facility heated?

Yes. Our guests never have to look for a warm space to lay down during the winter. Our expansion offers radiant floor heating. The whole floor is heated! View our dog run video!

Please check out the following information concerning our dog run dimensions and rates. Please be sure to call us and check current availabilities.

What are the dimensions of the dog runs?

Regular Run – $25.00 per day

Regular Run

Jumbo Run – $30.00 per day

Jumbo Run

Inside/Outside Suite – $35.00 per day

Inside/Outside Suite

Luxury Suite – $45.00 per day

Luxury Suite

Enclosed Suite is located away from kennel. Each suite is climate controlled and comes furnished with a bed and a TV.